Financial and Operation Planning

With PM, companies model the financial and operational impact of new products, mergers and acquisitions, investments, revised profit targets, reorganizations, competitive activity, and more in minutes. Using a familiar Microsoft Excel interface, planners can add, change, and delete data and organizational structures at will and in real time. The software performs all calculations and recalculations, enabling planners to focus on analyses rather than on data linking and mathematics. Plan results can help drive resource allocation during the budgeting process, and can be used for comparisons against budgets, actuals, and forecasts during the year.

PM???s Financial and Operational planning capabilities:

  • Make faster, more informed decisions about investments, reorganizations, mergers, and more.
  • Create contingency plans.
  • Import data from other strategic and operational plans to build new planning models.
  • Enter a high-level financial target needed to achieve a desired result, then let the system automatically adjust the values of chosen plan variables to achieve the goal.
  • Gain insight by reviewing plans from a variety of perspectives, including product, strategic initiative, geographical region, best/worst/most likely scenario, and more.
  • Compare plans, forecasts, and budgets side by side.
  • Use plan data to jump-start the budgeting and forecasting process.



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