Using dEPM, you can take data from Infor and other systems and automatically generate and distribute reports or books of reports based on the organization’s defined schedule and delivery criteria. You control not only who receive which reports, but also what data users will see within those reports. Data can be presented in the most useful format for the recipient, such as color-coded charts, tables, and spreadsheets. Best of all, companies set up the application once and then can forget about it, allowing the software automate administrative tasks and freeing more time for business professionals to perform the more high value task such as scenario analysis and manage exceptions.

d/EPM’s reporting capabilities:

  • Automate production of financial reports such as balance sheets, statements of cash flow, and profit and loss statements to save time.
  • Report on nonfinancial information, trends, and transactional data to achieve a more complete understanding of the business environment and results.
  • Manipulate (“slice and dice”) data within electronic reports to view results from the most useful perspective (time period, strategic initiative, product line, business unit, etc.).
  • Use PM’s security features to control who has access to the information in the reports.
  • Choose from multiple report formats (PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, and others) and multiple delivery methods (email, web portal, printer, network server, or a combination) to meet the organization’s needs.



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