Strategic Planning

Using PM???s strategic planning functionality, organizations visibly link their corporate objectives to operational budgets, people and departments, daily activities, and financial and nonfinancial performance measures. This easy-to-use application allows people to not only view results, but also to investigate to what extent and how well initiatives are being implemented, determine whether initiatives are having the intended effect, and make changes when necessary to achieve established goals. This flexible application accommodates a variety of planning methodologies, including the Balanced Scorecard.

PM???s strategic planning functionality:

  • Create, communicate, deploy, monitor, and manage corporate strategic plans.
  • Assess plan success in an instant with the help of color-coded measures and graphically depicted cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Encourage accountability by assigning responsibilities and reporting the effect those activities have on corporate plans.
  • Create on-demand reports that reveal not only what is happening but why it is happening.
  • Perform analyses to reveal which activities are adding value and which ones are draining resources that could be used better elsewhere.



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