The Next Era Of Enterprise Computing

Constantly changing in technology and evolving as we can see from social media, mobile apps and many new applications. It’s always update into an easy form of use and easy to learn.

In the industry view, it’s will be high competition that never been easier for customers and employees to evaluate which companies provide great experiences, and which ones don’t. So, we should change the way of doing the business and collect information as much as possible in order to use that information to develop the organization to be more efficient.

Be ready for Intelligence Enterprise!

What is an Intelligence Enterprise?
The Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy that allows you to transform data into insight – feeding process automation, innovation, and optimal experiences. Including of analyze data, marketing and sales by using the new innovation to collect the data that will let us to reduce an errors.

Intelligent Enterprise in the industry
Due to we use technology to be the part of producing process such as use of AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain that SAP see it as opportunity to help customer industry to become the Intelligent Enterprises. These technology can reduce errors and make our business to be more efficiency such as we have data about previous sales, the system can tell which opportunities can working on and recommend what steps I should take to make the good outcome that SAP called it as Intelligent Enterprise


Be ready for Intelligence Enterprise!

3 Things to become an Intelligent Enterprise

1. Intelligent Suite – The applications are integration-ready with intelligence embedded and provide day-to-day business processes to the customers. Moreover, it’s globally and proper in any size of enterprises.

2. Digital Platform – With SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Data Management Suite, will collect and connect all data, as well as the integration and extension of processes within the Intelligent Suite.

3. Intelligent Technologies – SAP Leonardo will embed intelligent technologies in our customers’ core processes, enabling them to use their data to detect patterns, predict outcomes and suggest actions. For customers who want to innovate even faster, we will offer industry innovation kits and open innovation services, which apply design thinking methodologies to new business models by industry

The combine of all 3 things will let SAP customer to achieve the vision of the “Intelligent Enterprise”. Moreover, it’s will help customers to work faster than competitors with less mistake and deliver the best experience to their customers.

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