Run your business with SAP Business ByDesign


Your employees, key to the success of your small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), can fire all its cylinders for success. When they work together, your business can become sustainable and prosperous. But what if your company has grown so quickly that your departments and business processes are hardly integrated? These growing pains may also be preventing your employees and external partners from collaborating effectively.

Perhaps you also lack insights into data that can help you make decisions and identify potential problems before they crop up. And what about those tedious manual processes that are slowing your employees down? New business requirements may be pushing your current IT solutions and tools to their limits. If any of these business challenges have you looking for alternatives to help simplify your business processes, find out why SAP Business ByDesign is an innovative solution developed specifically with rapidly growing SMEs in mind. In addition to factoring in the requirements of current and future working environments, the solution’s modern, intuitive design promotes quick, efficient implementation and operation for SME users.

Grow your business with SAP Business ByDesign


What is SAP BYD? Who should consider it?

SAP Business ByDesign is the ERP cloud software designed for mid-market companies. The system assists you to run your business completely without complexity and high cost. Moreover, SAP BYD provides you the real time analytics which you can access easily anywhere, anytime, any device via smartphone or IPad, connecting every function across your company to the best practices.

Grow your business with SAP Business ByDesignGrow your business with SAP Business ByDesignGrow your business with SAP Business ByDesign

What are key benefits?

1. Suite-In-A-Box – SAP BYD offers an End-to-End cloud solution with proven business processes and delivered in a quick-to-implement package. It integrates all processes from sales, CRM, purchase, supply chain, warehouse to finance and all management in day to day tasks.

2. Built for Growth – Every business wants long term solutions and a growing path. SAP BYD provides an easy to configure solution to help your company working more efficient by providing quick adapt of languages, currencies and allows you to easily re-configure processes. So, you can add more companies, branches, employees when your business grow.

3. Insightful – Analysis is a part of process and data can easily access everywhere via smartphone or IPad. Moreover, SAP BYD offers more than 500 standard reports for you to easily analyze and share in your team.

Let’s see the success story of our customer that use SAP Business ByDesign to help their business work better and built trust to their customers. The Avocados business markets avocados for importers, growers, and packers, gained popularity through their quirky Super Bowl ads. The company turned to SAP Business ByDesign to help it centralize and synchronize data, resulting in improved flexibility, visibility, compliance, decision-making, and growth.

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