SAP Business ByDesign 1908 Update now!!

We’re back!! As we know SAP Business ByDesign is the ERP cloud software, designed for mid-market companies. The system will help you to run your business with easily to access in anywhere and anytime.

The new version of SAP Business ByDesign is now available, Let’s see what is the new features.

What’s new 1908?

Built in Analytics:

  • Easy to manage and custom report-report navigations. Moreover, you can filter date and data source.
  • Improved chart and tables

Customer Relationship Management :

  • Can track discount with price component from customer contract
  • Accept multi currency

Project Management :

Now we have three new characteristics “period unassigned”, “start date period”, and “end date period” So, we can track and do the report on a period plan.

Financial Management :

Can create lease contracts, valuate and post them according to the accounting standard IFRS 16 or ASC 842.

Human Resources :

  • Admin can see the changes of data immediately
  • Eases employee master data transfer to the payroll provider system
  • Comes up with search parameter “Changed within period” – easy for admin to update payroll provider systems

Localization :

  • 3 new file formats for golden tax invoices
  • Golden Tax File Type formats for downloading and uploading of Golden Tax file.
  • Summary invoice with tax easily
  • Flexible choosing between formats which the vendors/government accepts.

SAP Business ByDesign can help you grow your business. So, if you are interested in this solution, please contact TRIFORCE. In addition, SAP BYD free upgrade in all usage life.

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