Digital Transformation is it trends?

Digital transformation is not the trends, due to rapidly change of technology as we can see from our daily life that technology has been used to be substitute. Digital leaders are leveraging these technologies to transform customer experience, improve productivity, and gain competitive advantage.

How to Shift into Digital Transformation?

There is no secret of shift into this transformation, it’s should be changing the culture of organization. Moreover, it’s should be start from the owners who have the attitude about ​​digital first and including of technology should be support all in organizations.

If the organization does not adjust, what will happen?

If we not adjust, it may be difficult to stay in the business. The organization might have more competitive that have better service than our company. So, if we don’t want to be affected should be adapt and blend into this digital transformation.


Data is important in digital transformation; every organization already have data but how to use it to be the most effective. We can use these data with SAP solutions to help you manage your business to be more efficiently which will help you reduce cost, save time and improve customer experiences. The problem is the information of many organization is not in paper form and not in the same place that it’s hard to control the process and result in the organization.

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