Get ready with us: SAP ByD 2002 Update Now!

SAP 2002 is Now Ready! 

SAP ByD is cloud ERP solutions which is proper for mid-size market. It’s helps connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics.

Now we’re on 2002 version! Let’s see which function is new and which one is better from the previous version.

Financial Management:

  • Maintain tax details when you create a new lease contract or when you edit a lease contract with In-Preparation status. As soon as the lease contract gets valuated, the tax details cannot be changed anymore.


  • Support IOS & Android
  • Can go through SAP application via Face ID on smartphone
  • Can upload leads by scan name cards and upload directly by phone

Project Management:

  • The date of delivery can change based on stock orders
  • On time delivery
  • The changed delivery date will be reflected in the relevant customer demand

Supply Chain Management

There are 3 new KPI’s/reports available and 2 data sources:

  • On Time in Full Delivered by Order Item: Report & KPI
  • Production Orders and Quantities’: Report & KPI ‘Number of Production Orders’:
  • KPI ‘Number of Defects’
  • Updated: Data Source Material Supply and Demand List Aggregated View
  • New: Data Source Warehouse Request Items


  • Customer language adaptation: Can translate into local language delivered by SAP Translation Hub.
  • Electronic invoice by you can upload file in the XML format in invoice file upload

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