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Triforce Global Solutions provides clients across Asia Pacific and Japan, a single source of enterprise business software, consultancy, and support for strategic finance and operation solutions. Spanning from your Chart of Accounts to Distribution Network even up to the Management Reporting dashboards, our aim is to deploy rapid, low risk, best-in-class, integrated, and flexible solutions that can adapt to your unique business environment with built in global best practices. Whether from applications or from a highly manual environment, Triforce Global Solutions will provide a consolidated, unified, easy to manage, end to end business application that will help customers gain better visibility, enhanced process efficiency, and gain control on business drivers for increased profitability.

  • Single contact for all Enterprise Business Solutions
  • Over 20 Industry Templates and Domain Expertise
  • Regional networks of offices in Asia Pacific and partners in every country
  • Reliable and Flexible software solutions which are best-in-class, low risk and rapid implementation
  • Single and multiple countries roll out
  • Proven success from over 200 companies in Asia Pacific
  • Long-term partnership from our “Customer First” professional team

Our Solutions


Infor SunSystems

Financial Accounting Management solution that will assist you to close month-end faster and provide real-time management analytic reports to analyze revenue and cost effectively.

  • Multi-companies, Multi-currencies and Multi-books
  • IFRS Compliance (IFRS 9, IFRS17, etc.)
  • Easy to integrate with front-end and legacy applications
  • Available On-Cloud (SaaS), Hosting and On-Premise
  • Fully support localization, e.g. Thailand VAT & Withholding Tax, Philippines VAT
  • Support eRevenue, eInvoicing and EDI


Implementation & Technical Services

Triforce provides full implementation and technical services from

  • Software selection
  • Pre-implementation Analysis (PIA)
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Software Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Localization Support
  • Development and Integration Support

Both On Site and Off Site services are available for our customers. Multi-language is also supported by our team of bilingual consultants.


Proactis P2P & S2C

  • Truly support Spend Control and Cost Management
  • Full functionalities from Procure to Pay (P2P) and Sourcing to Contract (S2C)
  • Complete control of Budget from Budget Request to Budget Control and Alert
  • User-definable Workflows and Approval Limit
  • Easy to Integrate to your Accounting, Payroll and HR systems
  • Support Corporate Credit Card, Fleet Card and Purchase Card


SAP Business ByDesign

  • Completed Suite of Cloud ERP
  • Rapid Implementation (3-6 months)
  • Over 40 years of SAP Best Practices
  • Fully integrated ERP from CRM, Supplier Relationship Management, Financial, Project Management to Human Resources Management
  • Web base, Mobile and iPad support with no extra modules required
  • Thailand Localization Support (VAT & Withholding Tax)

IFRS 17 Solutions


IFRS17 related to the insurance contracts which will deliver the better alignment, transparent and consistency.

The new on IFRS 17 are:

  • The profit will not book at day 1 of the contract
  • Now it’s included the liability for coverage
  • IFRS17 calls this liability for coverage as CSM (Contractual Service Margin)

Let’s get to know more about IFRS17 ,  Get Ready With TRIFORCE Before IFRS 17 Start!

We are recommended you to start to implement now because the implement might require more than 3 year.

So, let’s start learning and looking for some solutions to help your organizations. If you are interested in

solutions, Triforce have the solutions from Infor and CCH Tagetik that will help you to harmonize your business process.

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Our activities

We conduct regular seminars and knowledge sharing sessions for our clients. Please provide us your email address if you would like to be in our mailing list.


Webinar : Best Practice of Budgeting and Planning for FSI and update of IFRS (19 May 2020)

During COVID-19 situation, many organizations may face with the impacts in business and the uncertainty of global economies. So, the organizations need to adjust their planning and budgeting to face the challenges.

In this webinar we will provide you the best practice for budgeting and planning in this crisis to Face the impact. In addition, we will provide the solutions to help you to deal with the new standard for insurance contracts, update the latest new about IFRS and strategies in the Financial and insurance industry.


Digital Transformation Excellence For Industrial Manufacturing | We’re On The Move (On 15 January 2020)

If you are in Financial, Operation, Supply Chain, Production Planning & Manufacturing and, this roadshow will help you to achieve your business with excellence!


You’re invited! the “Budgeting & Planning : Achieving Results” on 22 August 2019

This seminar will discuss about d/EPM (dynamic/Enterprise Performance Management), financial planning solutions for financial/accounting , sales and other business unit within an organization. The solutions enable you to funnel data from enterprise applications into Governance, Risk & Compliance, Performance Management, and Analytics, all pulling from a single and collects real-time set of data.