SunSystems Accounting Software: Best Accounting Software for Manufacturing & IT Service Management


SunSystems Accounting Software is the leading global integrated suite of financial and business management accounting systems. IFRS 17 software and budget control software systems are integrated to deliver across Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region by Triforce Global Solutions. Triforce has the largest channel partner distribution footprint across the Asia-Pacific region for delivering local and regional roll-outs for SunSystems and extended financial and operational solutions for manufacturing & trading companies.

Known as SunAccount or SunAccounting to accountants, SunSystems’ product family is a combination of strong domestic and global functionalities that are consistently enhanced to capture the rapidly changing requirements in international accounting and budget control standards, corporate governance and technology. For over 32 years and over 10,000 customers in 132 countries, SunSystems has been the top tier solution for enterprises seeking best-in-class accounting software for financial control, financial reports, budget control and real-time analysis. It has been accredited by KPMG as being Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS compliant and can also support multiple GAAP reporting in multiple languages.

Benefits of SunSystems Accounting Software

  • Reduce costs and risks via rapid implementations for local and global roll-out projects
  • Reduce errors and financial closing cycle time
  • Improve visibility into financial processes and detailed performance (management accounting)
  • Improve user productivity through easy reporting, querying, and data entry
  • Fully web-based accounting system. Available as SunSystems On Cloud (SaaS) and On-Premise
  • Comply with US SOX and JSOX requirements
  • Lifetime support and version upgrades
  • Real-time posting and reporting – Payables, Receivables and General Ledger
  • Ability to integrate with Front-office and other legacy systems easily

SunSystems Financial



    • Single integrated ledger combining General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
    • Multi-dimensional Analysis codes for transactions, chart of accounts, and non-financial data up to 60 dimensions ready to use
    • Multiple companies and multi-books to manage financials by an individual company, business unit, or project, etc.
    • Multiple GAAP support multiple languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc.)
    • Multiple financial periods up to 999 (i.e. close your books up to 3 times per day)
    • Comprehensive security levels & audit trail
    • Project tracking to manage budgets, capture expenditures, and track billing and revenue
    • Debtor management, alert and debtor statement
    • Automated payment terms functionality to calculate due-dates, send payment interface file to bank for fund transfer, etc.
    • Localization Tax reporting for Thailand and other countries
    • Flexible interface format for batch or real-time exchange to and from SunSystems. Interface references with major front-office systems in Financial, Insurance, Hotel & Retail industries.


  • Supports up to 5 currencies in 1 transaction
  • Multiple currency functionality against base currency or dual-base currency, also other currencies such as reporting, crypto-currency, etc.
  • All major currencies supported Flexible rules for exchange rate settings and exchange rate importing.
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Fixed Assets

  • Multi-currency asset register with up to 10 methods of depreciation per asset code
  • Support asset budget, IFRS and asset tax planning
  • Powerful reporting to increase control of fixed assets

Corporate Allocations

  • Support cost and revenue allocations for apportioned, fixed percentage and fixed amounts as well as iterative charging
  • Full support for inter-company processing and a high degree of flexibility to define allocation structures for each organization
  • Posting options with tight controls to enable financial management across the corporation and comprehensive audit trail to trace all allocations in full
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SunSystems Order Management

Sales Management

  • Full sales order management from Quotation, Sales Order/ Stock Reserve, Picking List, Delivery Order, Sales Invoicing & Recurring Invoicing
  • Real-time inventory queries, inventory balance updates, and definable sales order types with flexible sales order stage sequencing, invoicing & importing (EDI support)
  • Customer Management: definable customer details, multiple addresses, definable characteristics per customer (i.e. credit limit) & Credit Management: workflow for orders on credit hold, automated credit limit warning, payment monitoring
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Financial Accounting Systems

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Requisition & Purchase Order Entry: Entry, amendment, review and deletion of PR & PO and return with user definable purchase types, direct invoice entry, multiple and part orders matched to single invoice lines
  • Commitment and Budget checking & Budget Control
  • Supplier Management: Extensive range of data available per supplier, supplier performance analysis for price, delivery dates, quality management and supplier analysis. Pricing Management: Price books, approval hierarchies, limits and criteria
  • Reporting on Purchasing: User-defined views, standard reports on supplier listings, invoices by line detail, commitments, purchase order status and order, amendments

Inventory Management

  • Full capability to manage inventory, ensuring full visibility of the product, intermediate and raw material items, while also delivering lot and batch control.
  • Inventory Management and Inventory Traceability, with additional options, Costing (FIFO, LIFO, Average & Standard), delivering Landed Costing and Cost Analysis
  • Movement Management: Stock transfer management, movement records, bin-to-bin transfer inventory processes.
  • Inventory count/stocktake management: system-generated inventory count (random or full), security-controlled entry of inventory count for discrepancies, approvals and posting.
  • Integrate with a Bar-code system for stock counting.
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Query & Analysis for SunSystems (Vision Reporting)

  • PM Q&A gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial and operational information in SunSystems or your in-house applications.
  • No technical knowledge required to design reports
  • Web and Windows base
  • Q&A XL provides a dynamic link by allowing information to be incorporated in Microsoft Excel from multiple SunSystems tables into a single report. Conversely, data prepared in Microsoft Excel worksheets can be transferred to SunSystems applications.
  • Q&A Word is an intelligent, intuitive add-in for Microsoft Word that provides a fast, easy and more adaptable method to interact with your SunSystems database to produce mail merge, financial reports, etc..
  • Q&A Executive supports proactive and decisive management, enabling executives to access, and exhaustively query (in graphical and table formats), easy to use, Drill Down, Top-Down, Break-out view of your entire enterprise and multiple companies
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SunSystems (Best Accounting Software)

IT service management
  • Best Accounting Software for Manufacturing: Tailored financial solutions for manufacturing industries.
  • IT Service Management Integration: Seamlessly blend IT service management into financial processes.
  • SunSystems Accounting Software: Experience the power of SunSystems for advanced accounting.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Handle transactions in up to 5 currencies, including crypto-currencies.
  • Flexible Exchange Rates: Set and import exchange rates with ease for accurate currency conversion.
  • Efficient Asset Management: Multi-currency asset register with various depreciation methods.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain control over fixed assets with robust reporting capabilities.
  • Inter-Company Processes: Seamlessly manage inter-company processes with flexible allocation structures.
  • Streamlined Sales Orders: Quotation to invoicing with real-time inventory tracking.
  • Inventory Management: Track movement, manage stock transfers, and conduct inventory counts.
  • Purchase Requisitions & Orders: Efficiently handle purchase requisitions and orders.
  • Budget Control & Commitment Checking: Ensure financial planning with budget control.
  • Barcode Integration: Integrate barcodes for efficient stock counting.
  • Localization Tax Reporting: Generate localized tax reports for compliance.
  • Enhanced IT Service Management: Seamlessly integrate IT service management functionalities.
  • Manufacturing Expertise: Benefit from tailored solutions for manufacturing industries.