Let’s Get to know more about Infor Expense Management

Do you face with any expense management problems such as take too much time to process? Reimburse employee late? error prompt?  Can’t enforce policy?

All of these problems can be resolved with Infor Expense Management (XM)

XM is designed so your organization can easily process expense report, enforce spending policies, capture receipts, and make better business decisions based on timely, accurate data.

Let’s see the details and benefits of Infor Expense Management solution.

What is Infor Expense Management?

This solutions from Infor will help you to track and manage your travel cost. It’s come with 4 core modules: Travel plans, expense report, payment request and management timesheets. Let’s see what are the benefits of XM

Benefits are here!

  • Mobility: It’s easy to use and control via smartphone, laptop, tablet or any device. So, you can access anywhere and anytime.
  • Paperless by you can scan and upload receipt via smartphone
  • Real time access and alerting approve status
  • Reduce time and cost of admin
  • Eliminate manual process, reduce error and risk due to it has standard report.
  • Digital receipt by you can fax or scan documents and send them to smartphone.
  • Support international tax law and multiple currency

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