Infor SunSystems For Non-Profit Organizations

As we already know some basic features and capabilities of Infor SunSystems from previous blog. Let’s focus more on Non-Profit or NGOs organizations.

For NGOs will faced multiple pressure, They’re also need the fully transparency in report. Moreover, The organization need to deal with complex and fulfill donors requirements.

So, Let’s see the features and capabilities of SunSystems for Non-Profit Organization.





Support Multiple COASunSystems support unlimited Companies/ Business Units whereby each BU can have its own account codes which can be the same or different. The system can support either the same or different COA set and can be mapped to produce reports.

Besides different COA, SunSystems can also support different financial period, different currencies, etc.


Ability to Consolidate Financial StatementsSunSystems offers ability to map GL codes, grouping of cost and consolidate COA to obtain a consolidated financial statements


Inter-companies Posting Automatically


SunSystems support inter-companies posting automatically by setting up source and inter-company transactions


Analysis Capability to produce reports by Department/ Division/ Unit, Project, Branch, etc.SunSystems offer user-definable analysis codes where users can define structure for coding and add new codes, e.g. project codes by themselves. The codes can be kept in the system even they are inactive (such as project closed).


Advance ManagementSunSystems support NGO’s requirement to handle Advance & Petty Cash to staff. The system can record advance/ petty cash given to staff/ project/branch and support clearing and reconciliation at end of period.


Budgeting SystemSunSystems offers up to 10 versions of Budget in one business unit. Budget can be defined at the level of COA and/ or analysis codes and can be imported from Excel templates. The system offers reporting capability to analyze budget and compare Budget VS Actual performance (monthly, quarterly, yearly). The system has an option to give a warning message when the budget is exceeded or blocked from posting transactions.


Reporting ToolsSunSystems’ Reporting Tools integrated with Excel to provide a real-time reporting and user-definable Excel formats. Users can define unlimited report formats based on management’s/ donor’s requirement.

Reports can be drilled downs to analysis levels such as Donations by donors, expenses by project/ branch/ activities, etc. or drilled down into transactions such as invoices level.

SunSystems report writing is easy and user intuitive. Triforce will provide a report writing training course.


Excel ImportTo support document flows, SunSystems is able to import transactions via Excel. Transactions could be journals from other branch/department or expenses from staff, etc. This helps automate and save users time from manual input into the system.




Ability to produce Financial Reports without PostingSunSystems offers posting in 2 levels. The first level, Provisional Posting, offer capability to generate financial reports before the second level which is hard posting. Provisional posted transactions can be recalled and make changes until the period is properly closed.


Support reporting based on different periods for auditing purposeSunSystems offers up to 999 periods in financial year. This allows different period closing/ reports generation for auditing purpose. Different reporting standard can be kept and defined.


IntegrationSunSystems offers open-integration where it can integrate to legacy systems such as core system, CRM, payrolls, etc. Data can be imported in text, csv, xls, or xml format (for XML, SunSystems Connect – API module is required). Integration can be automated by scheduling. The system performs validation for all transactions imported in and generates reports for checking prior to posting or it can be posted automatically when there is no error.


Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)SunSystems is able to integrate with EFT by generating payment transactions in specific bank required formats. The system can also imported cheque number for future reference.


Bank ReconciliationSunSystems’s accounts payable can perform automatic and semi-automatic reconciliation based on multiple criteria defined. When the criteria, e.g. transaction date, amount, etc. are met, the system performs auto-matching. Reconciliation report can be produced for checking.


Multi- currenciesSunSystems equips with multi-currency management. Currencies with multiple-rates can be defined and exchange rates can be imported into the system.

The system supports Dual-Base Currencies to record Base and Reporting currency to provide reports, e.g. in THB & USD.

Moreover, the system offers capability to perform currency revaluation to record realized/un-realized gain and loss.


Audit Trail and Access TrackingSunSystems offers audit trail and tracking of access to the system. Audit trail can be defined by functionality and reports can be run at anytime required.


System SecuritySunSystems’ security is complied with Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Users’ permission can be set based on users-roles. Password can be set with complexity and validity.




Vendor ExperiencesTriforce has experiences in implementing the system for NGO. Our consultants understand accounting for NGO and are able to add value by provide recommendation and accounting process advisory to our customers.


References in NGOSunSystems is well-known in NGO. Multinational NGOs such as World Vision, Habitat for Humanity or local NGOs are also using SunSystems to handle their back-end accounting.


IFRS ComplianceSunSystems Version 6 is complied with IFRS. The system supports reporting according to international financial reporting structure.


Thailand LocalizationTo comply with Thailand Revenue Department’s taxation requirement, Triforce has developed “Easy Tax” a localization program to support reporting of VAT (Input & Output VAT) and Withholding Tax (PND 3 & 53 and PP 50) as well as eRevenue submission.


Ease of UseSunSystems Look & Feel are designed for ease of use. The system comes with Form Designer to design input forms/screens to reduce learning curve. Users can defined their own Favorites (often use function) and create their own report formats to support their department’s requirement.


Web-basedSunSystems V. 6.4 is web-based and 64 Bit support. Users are able to access to the system via web browser. The system is based on latest technology available in the market.



Maintenance & SupportTriforce & Infor (SunSystems Developer) provide maintenance & support services to users to ensure product development continuity and assist users in resolving any issues they are facing. This is to ensure that the customers are able to use the system without interruption and upgrade path can be done. Valid maintenance contract allows users to receive support and the upgrade/ update version of the software is available.


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