When a problem arises, IT staff requests assistance in the corner of IT Service Management (ITSM). This is referred to as an incident, and it has an impact on the enterprise’s IT services.

The term IT problem, also known as Problem, refers to a larger issue. To improve employee work efficiency, which will affect the organization, we should consider using information technology to support the organization’s business goals and assist in managing problems (incidents) so that they can be resolved quickly and conveniently. This will help your organization save money. It also contributes significantly to increasing employee and customer satisfaction. Using customizable root cause analysis and workflows. One of the primary goals of problem management is to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). A good problem-solving process will also aid in the prevention of future issues.

If you’re thinking about using problem-solving software to reduce or prevent impact while also increasing employee satisfaction. Here are five features to look for in enterprise problem management software.

  1. Automation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will automate the entire problem-solving process. Furthermore, once the issue or incident has been resolved, the software can help with the follow-up process.
  2. Known Error Database (KEDB): is a collection of problems, that has occurred in the past, and how to resolve the issue. This can be used to assist IT teams in troubleshooting problems more quickly and reduce the impact until a long-term issue can be resolved.
  3. Visibility: Software should include a dashboard that displays the timeline, schedule, severity, and the problem’s urgency to assist in clarifying the process of managing problems in a systematic and transparent manner.
  4. Proactive: Problem-solving aims to anticipate future issues and prevent them from occurring. This enables your IT team to be more effective at problem prevention.
  5. Tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs): SLAs are service level agreements between two parties. Good issue management software can track SLAs to assess severity, urgency, and help improve resolution times.

Freshservice, a software from Freshworks, aids in incident management, reducing average repair time, and assisting in the prevention of business interruptions. Freshservice can quickly identify the underlying cause, help prevent duplication of troubleshooting by providing a dashboard that allows you to track progress, view a timeline of incidents, and aid in long-term planning to avoid problems.

Freshservice also has a knowledge base system to help IT teams respond to their employees more quickly and accurately. The system also allows for data storage, IT Asset Management (includes both software and hardware), copyright concerns, and purchase inquiries.

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