5 Sales Automation Software Features to Look Out For

The responsibilities of a sales manager include increasing revenue and profits. To help the team achieve its objectives, automation is an important tool for managing a large number of tasks at once. And automated sales operations are crucial for businesses also.

A sales automation system should include the following 5 features:

1. Visual Representation of Sales Data
A sales manager may have to deal with a massive amount of data. This is especially true when compiling monthly or quarterly figures to present to top management. They must assess sales agents’ performance and plan their optimization for improved sales results. It would be preferable if there was software to visualize sales data. to be able to see information and situations quickly

2. Leads and Territory Assignment
Different products may be administered by team sales representatives or distributed in different areas or provinces. To meet sales quota sales automation software can help with this.

3. Assigning Scores to Leads
A sales team may have a lot of leads. It will be easier for sales reps to focus on prospective customers and close sales if lead or lead score criteria are defined.

4. Sales Pipeline
Understanding which deals will result in actual sales within a specific time frame. Automation Software can assist sales managers in knowing the status of their leads as well as how much revenue their sales team will get in that period. This software can visualize the pipeline stage data of the sales team. It also enables managers to assist sales teams in quickly closing deals.

5. Sales Forecasting
Automation software can help in revenue prediction. Notifying the sales team if everything is going as planned can also be very beneficial to sales managers. And it can help to plan additional sales activities.

Freshsales, a sales automation software from Freshworks, can automatically create and schedule reports for the sales team and analyze individual and team performance, including forecasting sales numbers. This saves time for a sales manager. Also, sales reps can close more deals and reduce missed opportunities.

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