One Stop Support All internal team needs in one place with Freshservice.

working condition Work-From-Home It is considered one of the hottest changes after the Covid-19 situation, resulting in behavioral changes or work practices, such as from working in the office to working from home. From going out to meet customers outside of the venue, it turned into meeting through video conferencing. 


that means We can work anywhere All you need is one laptop and internet. But that may also come with the expectation and demand of employees to help the IT or support team to resolve issues quickly. Including helping the team work to run smoothly even when they are in different places.


Triforce introduces Freshservice, a solution from Freshworks that enables communication. and providing services within the organization more efficiently To meet the new generation of organizations that focus on Employee Engagement


What’s Freshservice?

Freshservice , a success booster and speed in service working inside and project management for internal teams with Ticket management, IT and Non IT asset management, and Project management better with integration of Workflow, AI and Automation.


Check out the benefits!

  • Ticket management helps to solve problems faster
  • Easy to track and evaluate all IT assets including Software and Hardware
  • Identify all IT assets in organization along with user and location
  • Automatically alerts warranty before expired
  • Open case or tickets several channels such as email, chat and phone
  • Assign and manage ticket automatically by easily resolving tickets based on priorities
  • Set SLA policies based on your organization.
  • Project members can log the time spent on project tasks
  • AI helps predict project and task to reduce inaccurate plan
  • Track PO and record contract information


This is just a part of what Freshservice can do. The advantages are packed like this. If interested, contact E-mail : Tel. 0-2235-2312 or interested in Demo, click Request Free Demo .


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